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  • Simple to use, the method offers a dynamic and reassuring course (1 lesson = 1 double page = 1 teaching sequence).

  • Each of the 3 lessons are based on a different media (video, written, or audio) and guides the learner to discover the language and deepen their understanding.

  • Balanced work on each skill enables efficient learning to be achieved.

  • The lesson "Facts and gestures/Cultures" proposes an innovative approach to observe and understand the cultural implications of videos and documents, thus allowing to develop "soft skills/know-how/knowledge".

  • A rich variety of multimedia is offered in the student book: all audio, all videos (the series + documentaries + interactive video sequences), a simple digital manual to download, and interactive activities related to the video are included.


  • Authors: Marie-José Lopes and Jean-Thierry Le Bougnec

  • Level: A1

  • Publication: 02/20/2014

  • Language: French

  • Publisher: Hachette Français Langue Etrangère

  • Number of pages : 128 pages

 Included : Workbook

With a reminder of the objectives and vocabulary at the bottom of the page, the activity book completes and reinforces the lesson thanks to a variety of numerous activities:

  • Oral and written comprehension

  • Grammar

  • Lexicon

  • Phonetics

  • Communication

  • Facts and figures/Culture pages every two files

  • Assessments are proposed at the end of each file, as well as a DELF test

Textbook TOTEM 1

Educational materials for students

Textbook for A1 level required for intensive, semi-intensive, and evening courses.

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