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To activate your account CPF:

Thanks to the Personal Training Account (CPF), you can train throughout your professional life. It is an account of training hours that you can use whenever you want, whatever your employment contract or professional situation. It allows you to develop and certify your skills, particularly in French as a foreign language and for the professionals in the teaching of French as a professional language or in the field of educational and cultural promotion it is also possible to acquire new teaching or management skills through numerous professional training courses.

The CPF is open to all active employees and/or those looking for work and gives you the benefit of a cumulative budget of 500 euros per year.

  • A large choice of training courses.
  • Eligible training courses are certifying.
  • Maintain your chances of employability.
  • You keep your CPF funding even if you change employers or employment status.
Training costs are covered according to your CPF funds available to you.

Training costs are covered up to the amount of your available CPF amount. If the amount of your fund is insufficient to fully finance the chosen training, you can obtain a supplement from your employer or another funder (OPCO for example).
Search for the desired training among the list of eligible training courses on the site and accessible according to your profile.
You are free to choose to do the training during or outside working hours. Outside working hours, your employer is not informed, you manage your training alone and we accompany you. During working time, you will have to obtain the agreement of your employer, the training can be oriented according to the needs of the company.

Depending on your company's needs, it is possible to mobilize your CPF in a shared project with your employer. This can promote your professional development within your company. Discuss the matter during the annual professional interview.

Outside working hours:
The mobilisation of the CPF fund is entirely free if the training takes place outside working hours and you continue to benefit from social protection in terms of accidents at work.

During working hours:
You must ask your employer's agreement on the content and timing of the training. Your employer has 30 (calendar) days to respond to your request. If there is no response, your request is considered accepted.
You will receive your usual pay and keep your social protection and seniority benefits.
Access your Personal Training Account via the website or the mobile application. You will be able to find information, training, a center and use your budget.

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