Courses & Workshops

Courses start at the beginning of each month throughout the year.

You can start focus workshops (grammar, speaking...) in the middle of a session.

We kindly advise you to register at least 4 weeks before the course starts in order to secure a seat.

Please consult the course calendar!

A language test is sent to you after we receive your payment and before you start your course, in order to evaluate your level and place you in the right group.

We have enough groups to offer you the right course for your needs.

We cover levels A1 to C1.

Classes have between 8 (minimum) and 16 (maximum) learners.

This French course is oriented towards self-expression and communication through an original and structured method that involves phonetics, vocabulary, and grammar(both oral and written) through various activities and dialogues.

No books are necessary for this course. You will work on extracts from contemporary plays, film dialogues, and authentic documents taken from the press including: interviews, biographies, reviews of shows, summaries of films and plays, cartoons, etc.

Administrative Rules

If you wish to change your course dates, it is necessary to inform us at least 2 weeks before the planned starting date of your course.

Only one postponement is allowed.

In the event of absence, courses cannot be made up or refunded.

Yes because Alliance Française de Paris is a higher education institution.

However, we are not responsible for the visa process.

If the French authorities require a pre-registration certificate, we can issue it on request and after payment of a 250 EUR deposit (non-refundable).

We invite you to contact the French Embassy or Consulate in your country directly to find out how to obtain a visa.

With official proof, payments made for your course can be refunded.

The application fee and the deposit cannot be refunded.

Compte Personnel de Formation (CPF)

From 31.12.2021, you cannot use your CPF to finance a French language training with the Alliance Française de Paris.

Certifications DELF, DALF et TEF are not recognized by France Compétences anymore.

We hope the situation will change soon and invite you to browse our website on a regular basis.

DAEFLE, DAMOCE and DPFAP cannot be funded by CPF as well.

We hope the situation will change soon and invite you to browse our website on a regular basis.

The CPF requires certification at the end of the course in order to be validated.

Thus, the Alliance Française de Paris offered a set of courses (4 weeks minimum) + an exam (TEF, DELF or DALF) that could be financed by the CPF.

If you wish to finance a course that costs more than your CPF account, you must fund your CPF account with your personal funds directly on MonCompteFormation.

The Alliance Française de Paris will soon propose a catalog of courses and training available for CPF financing.

Professional training for teachers (DAEFLE, DPAFP...) and executives (DAMOCE) cannot be financed by the CPF.

You can contact our Customer Service for more information.

Other Questions

Following our MOOCs do not lead to a certificate, but to an "attestation of successful completion" if you have validated more than 50% of the course.

On this certificate, you can find the logos of the Alliance Française de Paris and of the France Université Numérique (FUN) platform who will send you the certificate.

For all questions about the DAEFLE, please consult the following page: 

Click here

This course is offered in partnership with the CNED.

For more information: 

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The building is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

In order to welcome you in the best conditions, we invite you to send us an email to the following address:

In order to download the resources and register to the teachers' events, you just have to create a profile on this website and tick on the tab "I am a teacher" under this profile.