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A unique organization of its kind, the Alliance Française de Paris was founded in
1883 in Paris under Paul Cambon and Pierre Foncin, with help from a few notable figures including Jules Verne, Louis Pasteur, Ferdinand de Lesseps, Armand Colin, and Ernest Renan.

Under the law of 1901, the Alliance Française de Paris is recognized as being a non-profit, non-religious, apolitical organization created for the benefit of the public. 

The association has built its action and its reputation on the quality of its teaching and training in a multicultural environment that encourages exchange, respect, and conviviality.

Comme l’ensemble des Alliances Françaises dont elle demeure la maison mère, l’Alliance Française de Paris contribue à un monde pluriel et diversifié.

Located in the heart of Paris and only a stone's throw from the Jardin du Luxembourg, the insitution welcomes over 10,000 students of more than 120 different nationalities each year. 

Our teams, clients, and partners continue to work with the Alliance Française de Paris due to our tradition of being human, respectful, attentive, efficient, and inspiring.

We also look towards its future, and are already anticipating one of our next biggest challenges which is to be as ecologically responsible as possible.

L'expérience Alliance Française de Paris est accessible à tous, avec une offre de formation en ligne, des salles accessibles aux personnes à mobilité réduite (PMR) et l'adaptation de nos modalités d'enseignement-apprentissage, nous garantissons l'accessibilité universelle à nos services.

An organization at the heart of the network

The Alliance Française de Paris is at the heart of a worldwide network of more than 800 establishments (133 countries), led by the Fondation des Alliances Françaises, its main partner.

The three essential missions of the Alliance Française de Paris, like the Alliances Françaises around the world, are the following:

  • To offer French courses, in France and in the world, to all publics
  • To make French and Francophone cultures better known
  • To promote cultural diversity

The Alliances Françaises also share the following values that create the strength and life of the network while guiding each of their actions:

  • Diversity
  • Solidarity
  • Tolerance
  • Multiculturality

L'Alliance Française de Paris est certifiée QUALIOPI et a obtenu le label QUALITÉ FLE


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