French Evaluation Test (TEF) Integration, Residence, and Nationality (IRN)

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    The TEF (French evaluation test) exam takes place at the Alliance Française de Paris. This test is used to apply for a residence permit (level A2 to be reached) and for naturalization (level B1 to be reached). It also allows for the validation of the A1 level in the context of OFII training linked to the Republican Integration Contract.


    In the case of an application for a residence permit in France or an application for naturalization, a certificate of French language skills is required (level A2 for the residence permit and level B1 for the application for naturalization).

    The TEF IRN certifies the language level and also allows the validation of the A1 level in the context of OFII training linked to the Republican Integration Contract.

    This test is recognized by the French Ministry of the Interior.


    The TEF IRN consists of 4 tests:

    • Oral comprehension (10 minutes-17 issues)

    • Written comprehension (30 minutes-13 issues)

    • Written expression (30 minutes-2 subjects to be treated)

    • Oral Expression (10 minutes - 2 topics)

    All tests are computer-based.

    Target audience

    Ideal for those who wish to apply for naturalization or obtain a residence card. It is also very useful for people who want to get an accurate evaluation of their French level (until B1). 

    Practical information

    The test is possible regardless of your level of French. The result certificate is dematerialized and will be made available 4 to 5 weeks after the test is taken. It is possible to take the test as many times as you wish, provided that you respect a waiting period of thirty days between two attempts, regardless of the type of TEF.


    Instructions that must be followed during the Covid-19 epidemic:

    You will find below the instructions that must be applied in order to have access to the test/examination room:

    • Candidates must wash their hands when entering our premises.

    • Candidates must wash their hands before signing the attendance sheet.

    • It is strongly recommended to wear a mask.

    • Candidates must bring their own pen.

    • Candidates will be required to present their own identity document at the time of identity checks.

    • The use of hand sanitizer is required. Candidates will be asked to use it before the start of the test and before their copy is submitted. 

    If these rules are not respected, it will unfortunately be impossible for us to grant you access to the test room.


    Alliance Française de Paris

    101 Boulevard Raspail

    75006 Paris

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