In person phonetics workshop

  • 24 h
  • 4 weeks        
  • 6 h/week
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  • In person course
  • Afternoon Classes
  • Level: A2 à C1


Wednesday and Friday, from 1:30pm to 4:30pm. Starting April 5, registrations are for 4 weeks.


Let's face it, French is difficult to pronounce. Do you struggle with certain words and can’t improve on your own? Thankfully, we have solutions for you! With the phonetics workshop, you work on your pronunciation as a whole. Through regular work, you will be able to understand French better... and to be better understood when speaking!


  • Learn to place the accent correctly 

  • Work on phonetic articulatory skills

  • Improve spoken French


Each week, you will learn:

  • To recognise and produce sounds: the emphasis is on vowels and consonants in order to refine listening and improve pronunciation;

  • Intonation, liaisons and accentuation: this is the trio that gives the French language its melody.

The courses are based on diversified, fun and motivating activities.

Public cible

These workshops are aimed at all those who wish to express themselves better when speaking, benefit from advice on good pronunciation, while listening to French spoken by learners from all continents.


To follow the courses at the Alliance française de Paris, you must be at least 18 years old. 

A placement test will enable us to assess your knowledge of French. After completing the test, we will inform you of your level and the class best suited to your needs.

Les points forts

  24-hour access 

With our unique collaborative learning platform, you can work at your own pace, alone or in pairs, anywhere and anytime to submit your assignments, ask questions or take the opportunity to exchange with students from all over the world.

  Assessment centre

At the end of your learning process, you can measure your level of French by taking one of the several officially recognised tests and diplomas that we offer.


Alliance Française de Paris
101 Boulevard Raspail
75006 Paris

Wed 7 Jun - Fri 30 Jun

13:30 - 16:30
Atelier de phonétique du français en présentiel

  • Level : A2 à B1
  • 480.00 €

    Wed 7 Jun - Fri 30 Jun

    13:30 - 16:30
    In-Person Phonetics workshop

  • Level : B2 à C1
  • 480.00 €

    Mon 3 Jul - Sat 29 Jul

    13:30 - 16:30
    Atelier de phonétique du français en présentiel

  • Level : A2 à B1
  • 480.00 €

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