Hybrid French evening courses in a virtual classroom

  • 24 h
  • 4 weeks        
  • 6 h/week
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  • Online course with a Teacher
  • Evening Classes
  • Level: A1 à B2


A1 and A2: Monday AND Wednesday from 7 to 9 pm + 2h of personal work // B1 et B2: Tuesday AND Thursday from 7 to 9 pm + 2h of personal work

This course is not for complete beginners. 

It is aimed at people who have experience with the French language.

If you wish to access the intensive face-to-face course for complete beginners,

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Do you have a busy schedule? Would you like to learn French with a qualified teacher rather than a simple app? Join our online evening course to improve your written and spoken French skills. The lessons and exercises are adapted so that you can work independently and make progress easily. 

With our hybrid courses of 6 hours per week (4 hours of virtual class and 2 hours of personal work on our Apolearn pedagogical platform), you will progress as well as you would in a classroom setting thanks to our teachers' proven pedagogical techniques. 

Each month, you can join our general class with students of the same level. 

  • Act and perform daily tasks in a French-speaking context

  • Communicate easily

  • Understand French speaakers

  • Understand video, written or oral documents

  • Acquire or reinforce linguistic knowledge (grammar, lexicon and phonetics)

  • Open up to French and Francophone culture

  • Gain in ease and confidence


You will work on oral/written comprehension and discover the functioning of the language from a variety of documents (videos, written and audio) and in context (in many everyday situations). You will carry out a variety of activities and constantly exchange with other learners and the teacher.

Grammar, lexicon and pronunciation are covered in an active way.

Oral and written expression activites are proposed so that you can put into practice what you have learned during the sessions.

Registration procedure

  • You choose the evening course on the date that suits you.

  • After payment, you have 5 days to complete the online test and return it to us.

  • As soon as we receive the online test, we will reserve a place for you in the course corresponding to your level.

Target audience

This course is designed for people who want to learn French in a progressive and efficient way.


To follow the online courses at the Alliance Française de Paris, you must be at least 18 years old. 

Online learning requires a computer and a stable Internet connection. 

A level test will allow us to evaluate your knowledge of French. After the test, we will inform you of your level and the class that best suits your needs. 

You will work with a textbook and a workbook adapted to your level, which you will have to obtain either digitally or on paper.


  24-hour access 

With our unique collaborative learning platform, you work at your own pace or in pairs anywhere and anytime to submit your assignments, ask any questions, or take the opportunity to interact with students from around the world.

  Powerful technology

To follow the online courses, our teachers use Zoom technology, which is recognized for its quality and richness of features. This virtual classroom platform allows your teacher to share his or her screen with the entire class and to facilitate interaction between participants. 

  Assessment center

At the end of your learning process, you can measure your level of French by taking one of the several officially recognised tests and diplomas that we offer.

Mon 9 Jan - Thu 2 Feb

19:00 - 21:00
Hybrid Evening French Class in A Virtual Classroom - A1 to B2

  • Level : A1 à B2
  • 295.00 €

    Mon 6 Feb - Thu 2 Mar

    19:00 - 21:00
    Hybrid Evening French Class in A Virtual Classroom - A1 to B2

  • Level : A1 à B2
  • 295.00 €

    Mon 6 Mar - Thu 30 Mar

    19:00 - 21:00
    Hybrid Evening French Class in A Virtual Classroom - A1 to B2

  • Level : A1 à B2
  • 295.00 €

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