ÉCRIRE EN FRANÇAIS. Histoires de langues, voyages de mots 

From June 21 to October 10, at 101 boulevard Raspail, discover the stories of 100 authors from around the world, all of whom have chosen the French language as their means of expression and transmission. 
Through quotations from their works and previously unpublished written and video testimonials, you'll be plunged into the heart of a multitude of journeys and experiences highlighted by Bernard Magnier and Sabyl Ghoussoub and illustrated by Raphaelle Macaron 🎨

      "They were born in Buenos-Aires, Tokyo or Kabul, in Dakar, Beirut or Saigon. In China, Syria, Bulgaria or Iran... In Moroni, Trois Boutiques or Stalowa Wola... Places, countries and lands with no immediate ties to the French language. Helped by fate, chance, personal or collective history, inspired by their dramas, their loves, their encounters, these authors and their words have traveled. They all write in French. A French language inherited, imposed or chosen, with which they have a pragmatic, amorous, conflictual, passionate and creative relationship. A "mother tongue", "grandmother tongue", "natural", "vital"... Their language! But why? How do they take hold of this language? How did they receive it? How did they take it? How did they learn it? How did they shake it up, enrich it, blend it? These are the itineraries, these traces, that are brought together here."

      Bernard Magnier - exhibition curator

      Opening times and access

      Free admission
      Alliance française de Paris - 101 Boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris

      Du lundi au vendredi -  11h - 17h30
      L'exposition est fermée le 15 août.

      Ouvertures exceptionnelles avec visites guidées et gratuites

      Jeudi 27 juin 19h - 20h
      Jeudi 11 Juillet 19h - 20h  
      Jeudi 25 juillet 19h - 20h 

      Samedi 22 juin : 11h - 17h : Visite à 14h par le commissaire d'exposition
      Samedi 20 juillet : 11h - 17h 

      Last entry 30 minutes before closing time.

      The origins of this exhibition 

      A cycle of literary encounters entitled "En français dans le texte" offered since 2017 by the Alliance française de Paris.

      In 7 years, this cycle has welcomed 45 guests from 26 countries at 34 meetings. It has attracted a total of over 20,000 spectators from 95 countries, in person, and online.

      4 exhibition themes

      Visits and tours

      Guided tours

      • Three guided tours will be led by the exhibition curator. Don't miss these exceptional opportunities during the special Saturday openings (July 20 and August 17).

      Mediation visits

      • Tailor-made tours are available for associations and partners, specifically designed for audiences learning French. To book, contact us at  culture@alliancefr.org .

      Guided discovery tours 

      • At the entrance, you'll find 2 fun exhibition trail booklets that can be used independently to discover the exhibition from a different angle.

      Exhibition curated by :

      Concept and choice of texts:  Bernard Magnier, in collaboration with Sabyl Ghoussoub

      Art direction and illustrations: Raphaëlle Macaron

      Graphics: Sunra Thompson

      Discover the authors and writers    who contributed to this exhibition

      Zeina Abirached 
      Marguerite Abouet 
      Mohammed Aïssaoui
      Jean-Marie Adiaffi 
      Laura Alcoba 
      Vassilis Alexakis 
      Feurat Alani 
      Salah Al Hamdani 
      Eva Almassy 
      Pauline Alphen 
      Kebir Ammi 
      Samuel Beckett 
      Yahia Belaskri 
      Tahar Ben Jellou
      Mbareck Ould Beyrouk
      Hemley Boum 
      Doan Bui 
      Estelle-Sarah Bulle 
      Ying Chen 
      François Cheng 
      Ook Chung 
      Velibor Čolić 
      Raphaël Confiant 
      Florent Couao-Zotti
      Louis-Philippe Dalembert
      Ananda Devi 
      Ousmane Diarra 
      Boubacar Boris Diop
      Negar Djavadi 
      Abdelkader Djemaï
      Elisa Shua Dusapin 
      Sedef Ecer 
      Soeuf Elbadawi 
      Yara El-Ghadban 
      Axel Gauvin 

      Sabyl Ghoussoub 
      Aliona Gloukhova 
      Simonetta Greggio 
      Elitza Gueorguieva 
      Jadd Hilal 
      L. Horňáková-Civade 
      Loo Hui Phang 
      Fawaz Hussain 
      Nancy Huston 
      Katrina Kalda 
      Kateb Yacine 
      Karim Kattan 
      Vénus Khoury Ghata 
      Ahmadou Kourouma 
      Julia Kristeva 
      Agota Kristof 
      Milan Kundera 
      Abdellatif Laâbi 
      Sony Labou Tansi 
      Dany Laferrière 
      J.M.G. Le Clézio 
      Jonathan Littell 
      Amin Maalouf 
      Alain Mabanckou 
      Charif Majdalani 
      Maryam Madjidi 
      Andrei Makine 
      Yamen Manai 
      Rita Mestokosho 
      Shmuel T. Meyer 
      Léonora Miano 
      Akira Mizubayashi 
      Tierno Monénembo 

      Wajdi Mouawad
      Fiston Mwanza Mujila 
      Bessa Myftiu 
      Naïri Nahapétian 
      Blaise Ndala 
      M-A Oho-Bambe 
      Polina Panassenko
      Pia Petersen 
      Titaua Peu 
      Gisèle Pineau 
      Denis Pourawa 
      Emmelie Prophète
      Jean-luc Raharimanana
      Johary Ravaloson 
      Atiq Rahimi 
      Shan Sa 
      Rodney Saint-Éloi 
      Boualem Sansal 
      Mohamed Mbougar Sarr Riad Sattouf 
      Ryoko Sekiguchi 
      Jorge Semprun 
      Shumona Sinha 
      Leïla Slimani 
      Omar Y. Souleimane
      Marzena Sowa 
      Mani Soleymanlou
      Brina Svit 
      Véronique Tadjo 
      Irina Teodorescu 
      Sami Tchak 
      Kim Thúy 
      Mateï Visniec 
      Abdourahman Waberi
      Nina Yargeko
      Chabname Zariâb 
      Fawzia Zouari

      Places and access

      Alliance Française de Paris - located at the 101 Boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris

      • Metro 4 : stop - Saint Placide

      • Metro 12 : stop - Notre-Dame-des-Champs

      • Bus : lines 39, 68, 89, 94, 95, 96

      • Vélib : close station 6006 (Notre-Dame-des-Champs - Stanislas)

      Sponsors and partners

      Because this Festival couldn't exist without their help.

      Major sponsors


      The Institution

      Odoo • Image et Texte

      The Alliance française de Paris is a non-profit organization founded in 1883 to promote the French language and culture as a means of intercultural mediation and as an alternative to armed conflict. The institution is at the heart of a worldwide network of nearly 830 local Alliances françaises in 133 countries.

      The historic headquarters of this international movement, our association has been welcoming professionals, exiles, refugees, students, people passing through Paris or living here permanently for over 140 years, whatever their background, objectives or desires, whether they come for pleasure or necessity. Their link: the French language.

      In addition to cultural mediation and teaching French on boulevard Raspail or online, our role is to support the training of French teachers at the Alliances françaises in the international network. Our expertise in this field is recognized and fueled by essential and constant pedagogical innovation. 


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