In-person French through theatre techniques

  • 36 h
  • 4 weeks        
  • 9 h/week
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  • In person course
  • Semi-intensive Classes
  • Afternoon Classes
  • Level: B1 à C1

Monday, Tuesday AND Thursday from 1:30 to 4:30 pm

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Take advantage of our French course through theater to learn French in a fun and effective way. In three half-days per week, you will learn to express yourself orally and quickly gain fluency. The French through theater course is accessible to learners from level B1 to C1.


  • Improve oral expression and fluency

  • Communicate with confidence

  • Improve pronunciation and accentuation

  • Reinforce grammatical knowledge

  • Enrich your culture


Whatever your level of French, you will learn different language skills:

  1. Oral expression and comprehension

  2. Written expression and comprehension

During a spoken warm-up, you will work by associating gesture with speech including rhythm, intonation and pronunciation, conjugations, fluidity, and diction.

You take part in a moment of exchange based on a precise grammatical difficulty, document, or situation chosen according to your linguistic interest. These improvisations are followed by oral and written corrections. 

You also work on texts read aloud or memorized. Through plays or dialogues, you memorize extracts from these plays and read them aloud to improve your fluency, enrich your vocabulary and assimilate new syntactic forms.

Target audience

This course is ideal for anyone wishing to improve and perfect their French through drama. 


To take the course at the Alliance Française de Paris, you must be at least 18 years old.

This course is aimed at learners who already have a certain level of French (B1). A test will be proposed to ascertain your level.


  Official certification

At the end of your course, you can certify your level of knowledge in French. We offer several official tests and diplomas.

  CPF financing

Do you work in France and wish to use your Personal Training Account (CPF) to finance your training? Contact us! One of our advisors will answer your questions. 

And also…

 On-site and online access to the media library

  A new programme of cultural activities every month

  The Culture Pass allowing various reductions

  A certificate of participation

  One month of free Frantastique


Alliance Française de Paris
101 Boulevard Raspail
75006 Paris

Mon 4 Mar - Thu 28 Mar

13:30 - 16:30
In-Person French Through Theater Techniques - Afternoon - B1 and up

  • Level : B1 à C2
  • 620.00 €

    Tue 2 Apr - Thu 25 Apr

    13:30 - 16:30
    In-Person French Through Theater Techniques - Afternoon - B1 and up

  • Level : B1 à C2
  • 620.00 €

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