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Phonetics laboratory


Course objectives

Improve your public speaking skills with diction and pronunciation exercises in the phonetics laboratory, face-to-face, with a specialized teacher.

Course content

Individual lesson (45 minutes):

French phonemes

  • International Phonetic Alphabet
  • Pronunciation of the letters of the French alphabet
  • The prosodie

  • Rhythm, intonation of enunciative, interrogative and exclative sentences
  • Sensitization to sequences and links
  • Practical

    Re-listening of the course for:

  • Developing hearing ability
  • Fix the automations
  • Verification of prior learning

  • Exercises based on texts and mini-dialogues
  • Duration of the session

    45 mn

    Days and Schedules

    Monday and Wednesday

    between 5pm and 7pm

    Tuesday and Thursday

    between 9am and noon


    A1 / A2 / B1 /B2 / C1


    4 sessions are planned for 2 months to come

    Teaching methods

    Documents selected by the teacher


    Open all year

    Phonetics laboratory