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Become a teacher of french as a foreign language

Training at the Alliance française


Distance learning

Training within the Alliance française Paris IDF:

Professional diploma in french as a foreign language from the Alliance française

The professional diploma in French as a Foreign Language from the Alliance Française Paris Ile-de-France (the Diplôme Professionnel de l'Alliance Française Paris Ile-de-France en Français Langue Etrangère or DPAFP-FLE) is for anyone wishing to teach French as a foreign language (FLE) at a no-profit or private establishment in France and/or abroad.

Over 5 months of training (total 535 hours) you will:


Acquire the basics

of methodology and teaching for FLE

Observe classes

at the Alliance Francaise Paris IDF


the sequence of the classes

Come into contact

with learners of different nationalities

Benefit from personalised supervision

experienced teachers

Have access to the fle resource centre

at the Alliance Française Paris IDF, one of the best for FLE resources in France

This training may be covered by funding bodies such as the OPCA, which is a French professional training funding body, or the Job Centre).

Icone d'un calendrier


Next training courses from 30 October 2017 to 30 March 2018

Entry test: 30 August 2017

Registration deadline: 13 August 2017

Marina, teacher at the Alliance française

"Learning, communicating and sharing are the key words of this training, and I am very pleased with the mix of theory and practice, and confirmed my decision to become an FLE teacher. The group work, supervised and supported by our trainers, is an added value. It's five intensive months, but the result is visible. Now I'm teaching students and it's exciting!"

Distance learning:

Teaching certification for FLE

No matter your location, in France or aboard, or your situation, whether active, inactive or a student, you can benefit from our initial modular training to suit your schedule.

Over 10 months of training (total 480 hours) you will:


Acquire the basics

of methodology and teaching for FLE

Benefit from personal feedback

from tutors and reviewers who are part of the training programme

Exchange with students

from your year group via forums

This training will be delivered in partnership with the CNED (the French National Centre for Distance Learning) and can be included in your institution's training plan. It can also be covered by funding agencies such as the OPCA, a French professional training funding body, or the Job Centre.

Candidate learning pathway

Registration period Tests Publication of results
Entry test 1 1-24 février 10-20 avril 03 mai
Entry test 2 20 mars-7 avril 24 mai-2 juin 12 juin
Entry test 3 7-31 août 13-23 octobre 03 novembre
Entry test 4 25 septembre-13 octobre 29 novembre-7 décembre 18 décembre

The training is entirely long-distance and includes nine modules. Six modules (five basic and one specialisation) must be verified by our partner in order for you to take the final exam.

DAEFLE prices:

Full training

  • €1,405 (initial training)

  • €2,510 (ongoing professional training, covered by a funding body)

Training in modules

  • €249 to €369 per module (initial training)

  • €459 to €685 (ongoing professional training, covered by a funding body)

Download previous final exam topics to help you prepare for tests.

Choose a date to register for the final DAEFLE exam.

Registration period Tests Publication of results
Final exam 1 24 avril-12 mai 14 juin 15 septembre
Final exam 2 23 octobre-10 novembre 13 décembre 05 mars 2018

Did you know?

There has been an average success rate of 66.5% since 2010 in the DAEFLE exam and 75% in employability (source: CNED, 2016). Holders of the DAEFLE can teach in France or abroad, in private or not-for-profit organisations.

Photo de Pascaline

Pascaline, holder of the DAEFLE

"With an on-the-field focus, the DAEFLE allows you to acquire classroom management techniques and develop your own teaching materials. You learn how to work in groups, the courses are well put together and the tutors provide excellent assistance. This diploma, linked to my Master 1 qualification, allowed me to teach abroad and gave me a good foundation for dealing with educational engineering and for incorporating the Alliance Française abroad."

Become a teacher of french as a foreign language