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French Grammar workshop

Objectives of the workshop

You want to strengthen your grammar skills in French ?

Learn to situate your discourse in time and space, to reinforce your mastery of learning chords, to identify appropriate modes and tenses to conjugate verbs in different contexts. You will develop strategies to avoid repetitions and build simple and complex sentences.

Workshop content

  • Discovery or rediscovery of grammar points
  • Systematic training and corrections
  • Reuse in written activities
  • Duration of the workshop

    6 hours per week

    Days and Schedules

    Tuesday and Thursday

    1.30pm to 4.30pm


    A1 / A2 / B1 /B2

    Level test


    Teaching methods

    Documents selected by the teacher


    Open all year

    Grammar Workshop Rates

    From 2 weeks
    Grammar Workshop - 6 hours per week Afternoon - 1:30pm to 4:30pm170€ for 2 weeks

    Enjoy a 5 % discount for any registration for a group class. Available until 12 days before the Term.

    Grammar workshop