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Marc Levy talks about his encounter with students at the Alliance française in Paris!

I imagine that you are not often interviewed by foreign-language readers learning French. Did you enjoy the experience?

Marc Levy SHOT 05 159

Every year I go to meet my foreign readers, at book fairs or book signings in bookshops, but this meeting at the Alliance française in Paris was a first for me, and I found it very exciting.

It was a huge privilege you gave me to come and meet these readers who had come from such a wide variety of horizons. I fully understood their ideas, as I spent many years travelling and living outside France. And when some of them told me they wanted to come and see France after reading one of my novels… it was even more touching… and quite intimidating.


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Students stories


Alexandra Mathews, USA, student in the Arcadia

Alexandra Mathews, USA, student in the Arcadia - AGS study abroad summer program at the American Graduate School in Paris:

"Living in Paris for 6 weeks was amazing. Being in one of the largest cities in the world, surrounded by some of the best museums and a colorful history really enhanced my learning experience in my classes. The Arcadia-American Graduate School in Paris summer program is such a great program. 


The Alliance Française classes that are part of the curriculum not only helped me improve my French but also gave me the opportunity to meet and communicate with people from Nigeria, Norway, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, and Spain. I loved living with a host family. Learning about the customs in a real manner, not just from a textbook, gave me incomparable insight into French culture and ways of life. The museums, history, culture, classes, trips, and language make me never want to leave."


Caitlyn Guthrie, USA,

Caitlyn Guthrie, USA, Candidate in the Master's program in International Relations and Diplomacy at the American Graduate School in Paris:

"When I decided to attend the American Graduate School in Paris (AGS) to earn my master’s degree in International Relations, I spoke zero French. Upon my arrival, the administration at AGS suggested I take some language courses at Alliance Française, in the same building. During my very first class, we learned how to say, “Hello, my name is.”


Since then, I have had the opportunity to learn from a great group of educators, many of whom who were able to create a challenging environment that made learning about French language and culture both fun and educational. The atmosphere at Alliance Française is great and the campus has everything you need to be successful, from the library and phonetics lab, to the friendly staff and cafeteria. The small class sizes and the convenient location of Alliance Française and the American Graduate School in Paris, allowed me to meet people from all over the world and enjoy nearby Parisian destinations like Jardin du Luxembourg. My time at Alliance Française has given me a solid foundation to fully enjoy much of what Paris and France has to offer!".

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Last July 17th, Matthew, the English boy, proposed to Cindy, the American girl.
They met in 2008 in the Alliance while they were both beginners in French, in classroom 401. He proposed to her, at the same place, 5 years later...

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Article modified on 08 / 02 / 2016
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