Our Multimedia Resource Center

In this 600 m2 space, unique in Paris, you will benefit from access to tools to help you speed up and extend your learning of French language and culture.

Opening hours 2016
Monday to Thursday  10h - 19h

 10h - 17h30


Opening hours July - August 2016
Monday to Friday

 10h - 17h30

  • Access to the Multimedia Resource Center is free of charge for students registered at the Paris Alliance during the session.
A unique premises in Paris

Here you will find books allowing you to make progress in French (vocabulary, phonetics, grammar, etc.). You can listen to music, watch films, read newspapers and magazines and consult CD-ROMS.

Press Area
Press Area

News, culture and art, fashion…, more than 70 newspapers and magazines are at  your disposition.

Film library
Film library

Immerse yourself in the classical or actual French cinema, watch one of our numerous films in the film library.

Digital Ressources
Digital Ressources

You can acces to different ressources on the 30 computers of the Centre.

Rendez-vous conseil ou Auto-apprentissage Alliance française Paris Ile-de-France
Customised courses

Guidance counselling or Self-guided learning courses? Teachers of the Alliance française Paris Ile-de-France listen to your needs to advise you the best way.


Offer 2016

Guidance Counselling

A teacher will listen and help you to stay on target. They will guide you in your learning and will devise a programme, specifically suited to your needs, to reach an efficient, self-sufficient work.


Download the brochure (in French)


1 to 4 session: 37 €

More than 5 sessions: 34€


Package with 5 RDV: 170€


Contacts us: prof.crm@alliancefr.org

Self-guided Learning Courses

A professor helps you to define your objectives and built your own learning programme. He gives you advice on how to learn better and how to choose your learning materials (book, CD, DVD, magazines & website...).
Access to the CRM, borrowing of resources and personalised assistance.


Download the brochure (in French)

From 60€/week (with 1 interview)


1 month : 152€ (with 2 interviews) 


3 months and more : 136€


Phonetic diagnosis: 40€


Contact us for a personalised offer: prof.crm@alliancefr.org

Article modified on 14 / 03 / 2016
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