Personalised packages

These à la carte lessons allow for a personalised approach to learning needs and objectives. We build a teaching pathway taking into account the level, constraints and contexts of the company and position.
The Alliance Française Paris Ile-de-France offers made-to-measure training in French as a foreign language for groups (5 people and upwards), mini-groups (2 - 4 people) or individuals.

Prices 2016 / 2017

à la carte lessons


                                          Prices per hour

                             (transportation costs are not included)



adapted to

your needs

and your




1 to 5 hours *
6 to 20 hours 21 to 50 hours

51 hours


individual lessons

1 person

88 € 82 € 76 € 70 €
small group lessons **

(2 to 5 persons)

54 € 50 € 46 € 44 €

group lessons **

(6  persons and +)

                            contact us :

* Only for students enrolled in a course.
** Price par person. Groups must be made up.


Download the registration form 2016

Download the registration form 2017


Download the brochure "à la carte lessons"


To take advantage of the discounted fees, the classes must be taken consecutively and the amount must be paid in lump sum.


  • The annual registration fee is 61 euros and is valid for all our courses from the first day of classes and during one year (date to date).
  • The Alliance Française Paris Ile-de-France does not invoice OPCAs (Authorised Joint Collection Bodies).
  • Books and methods used during the course should be bought by the student or the company. They can be purchased on site or online. Check here the list of books you'll need for your class.



 A training consultant will study your needs in relation to all your requests:
1. We study your training context with you.
2. You carry out a positioning test.
3. We analyse your needs and set real training goals.
4. Together, we draw up a personalised programme which will enable you to progress.
5. We offer you a course calendar which can be adapted to your needs.
6. You carry out an evaluation and we draw up your training appraisal.

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